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Active External Funding:

1645331 (NSF/BIO) 2017-2020. IOS EDGE: Accelerating arthropod genetic manipulation through ReMOT Control. (Role: PI)

R01AI150251 (NIH/NIAID) 2019-2024. Hologenomic basis of WNV vector competence in Culex tarsalis. (Role: PI)

R01 AI128201 (NIH/NIAID) 2017-2022. Gene delivery for Anopheles mosquitoes. (Role: PI)

R01 AI116636 (NIH/NIAID) 2016-2021. Wolbachia-induced enhancement of human arboviral pathogens. (Role: PI)

R01AI151166 (NIH/NIAID) 2020-2025.  Metabolic basis of mosquito-endosymbiont-virus interactions. (Role: Co-investigator)

R01AI148551 (NIH/NIAID) 2020-2025. Mosquito hydration status as a mechanism that alters pre-feeding host interactions and post-feeding physiology. (Role: Co-investigator)


Completed External Funding:

R21 AI128918 (NIH/NIAID) 2016-2020. Potential for mosquitoes in the United States to transmit Zika virus. (Role: PI)

Pebble Labs collaborative grant 2018-2019. (Role: Co-PI)

Penn State Research Applications for INnovation (RAIN) Grant 2018-2019 (Role: PI)

U19 AI089672 (NIH/NIAID) 2017-2019. Southeast Asia Malaria Research Center. (Role: Co-investigator)

DARPA Insect Allies 2017-2019. Crop Protection using Transgenic Plants that Complement Deconstructed Insect Transmitted Viral Vectors. (Role: Co-PI)

R21 AI111175 (NIH/NIAID) 2014-2017.  ReMOT Control of mosquito transgenesis. (Role: PI)

2014-10320 (USDA/NIFA) 2015-2017. Tools for rapid genetic transformation of bees. (Role: Co-PI)

R56AI116636 (NIH/NIAID) 2015-2016. Wolbachia-induced enhancement of human arboviral pathogens. (Role: PI)

R01AI067371 (NIH/NIAID) 2007-2014. Genetic basis of WNV vector competence in Culex tarsalis. (Role: PI)

R21AI070178 (NIH/NIAID) 2007-2011. Wolbachia as an agent for population replacement in Anopheles gambiae. (Role: PI)

R21AI088311 (NIH/NIAID) 2010-2012. Efficient site-specific genetic engineering of the Anopheles gambiae genome. (Role: PI)

R01AI094349 (NIH/NIAID) 2012-2017. Ivermectin for malaria control. (Role: Collaborator; Foy PI)

R01AI068932 (NIH/NIAID) 2008-2012. Evolutionary genetics of Tsetse and its symbionts. (Role: Collaborator; Aksoy PI)



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