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Dr. Jason Rasgon



Dr. Sujit Pujhari

Dr. Vanessa Macias

Dr. Marco Brustolin

Dr. Rong Ma (Co-advised with Christina Grozinger)

Dr. Donghun “Andy” Kim

Dr. Chan Heu

Dr. Nadya Urakova

Dr. Duverney Chaverra-Rodriguez

Dr. Cheick Coulibaly (arriving July 2018)


Graduate Students:

Rebecca Johnson (PhD student)

Karen Kemirembe (PhD student)

Justine Alexander (MS student)

Allyson Ray (PhD student co-advised with Christina Grozinger)

Cory Henderson (PhD student)

Heena Puri (visiting MS student)


Insectary technicians:

Amelia Romo

Francine McCullough


Research technicians

Liz Wagner



Sage McKeand

Gianna Arrizurieta


Lab Alumni:

Ms. Erona Ibroci (currently MPH student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Ms. Destiny Buckwalter

Dr. Brittany Dodson (science writer)

Dr. Masashi Nomura (Sabbatical 2016-2017)

Dr. Grant Hughes [postdoc] (currently Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch)

Dr. Yasutsugu Suzuki [postdoc] (Currently postdoc, Institut Pasteur)

Dr. Long Cui [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Xioxia Ren [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Chaoyang Jin (Currently postdoc, Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Center)

Dr. Guodong Niu [postdoc] (currently postdoc, University of Oklahoma)

Dr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto [postdoc] (currently postdoc, New Mexico State University)

Dr. Tapan Barik [postdoc] (currently Assistant Professor, Berhampur University, India)

Dr. Xing Zhang [postdoc] (currently Associate Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dr. Song Chen [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Olugbenga Oluwagbemi [PhD 2012] (currently Senior Lecturer, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria)

Dr. Meera Venkatesan [PhD 2008] (currently Senior malaria technical advisor, USAID)

Dr. Katie Provost Javier [PhD 2012] (Industry)

Dr. Courtney Gamston [MS 2007] (currently Discipline Chair for Pharmacology, Auburn University)





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