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Dr. Jason Rasgon


Dr. Gerard Terradas

Dr. Eunho Suh

Dr. Jovana Bozic

Dr. Kristiine Werling

Dr. Travis van Warmerdam

Dr. Sultan Asad

Dr. Mario Novelo

Dr. Hargobinder Kaur

Dr. Archit Kumar

Graduate students:

Allyson Ray (PhD student co-advised with Christina Grozinger)

Renuka Joseph (PhD student)

Rachel Krizek (PhD student)

Jaime Manzano Alvarez (MS student)

Brittany Chapman (MS student co-advised with Tae Hyun Kim)

Lab manager:

Francine McCullough

Insectary technicians:

Amelia Romo

Kaylee Montanari

Heather Engler

Research specialist:

Hillery Metz


Abdulla Alghawas

Lab Alumni:

Dr. Vanessa Macias [Postdoc] (Currently Assistant Professor, University of North Texas)

Dr. Cory Henderson [PhD 2021]

Dr. Rebecca Johnson [PhD2021]

Dr. Karen Kemirembe [PhD 2020]

Dr. Nadya Urakova [Postdoc]

Sage McKeand (research technician)

Gianna Arrizurieta (undergraduate)

James El-Deiry (undergraduate)

Courtney Tran (undergraduate)

Allyn Huntsinger (undergraduate)

Dr. Sujit Pujhari (Currently Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Medicine)

Dr. Chan Heu (Postdoc)

Dr. Marco Brustolin (Postdoc)

Dr. Rong Ma (Postdoc)

Sanja Dokic (Visiting PhD student)

Jessica Gillmen (Undergraduate)

Oliver Jimenez (Undergraduate)

Dr. Cheick Coulibaly (Visiting postdoc)

Eunice Babatunde (Visiting PhD student)

Mireia Larrosa (visiting vet student)

Gemma McLaughlin (visiting PhD student)

Dr. Duverney Chaverra-Rodriguez (Currently postdoc, UC San Diego)

Dr. Donghun “Andy” Kim (currently Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University)

Heena Puri (MS student, Punjab Agricultural University, India)

Ms. Erona Ibroci (currently MPH student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Ms. Destiny Buckwalter

Justine Alexander

Liz Wagner

Dr. Brittany Dodson [PhD 2017] (currently science writer)

Dr. Masashi Nomura (Sabbatical 2016-2017)

Dr. Grant Hughes [postdoc] (currently Senior Lecturer, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

Dr. Yasutsugu Suzuki [postdoc] (Currently postdoc, Institut Pasteur)

Dr. Long Cui [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Xioxia Ren [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Chaoyang Jin (Currently postdoc, Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Center)

Dr. Guodong Niu [postdoc] (currently postdoc, University of Oklahoma)

Dr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto [postdoc] (currently postdoc, New Mexico State University)

Dr. Tapan Barik [postdoc] (currently Assistant Professor, Berhampur University, India)

Dr. Xing Zhang [postdoc] (currently Associate Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dr. Song Chen [postdoc] (Industry)

Dr. Olugbenga Oluwagbemi [PhD 2012] (currently Senior Lecturer, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria)

Dr. Meera Venkatesan [PhD 2008] (currently Senior malaria technical advisor, USAID)

Dr. Katie Provost Javier [PhD 2012] (Industry)

Dr. Courtney Gamston [MS 2007] (currently Discipline Chair for Pharmacology, Auburn University)


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